Get charged twice for the same client -lead and instant book


For the second time in a week, I have had a client first pick me as referral lead then immediately (within a minute) they select me for instant book. So now I am charged first for the lead and second for the instant book. I reached out to thumbtack the first time and they did not refund. It happened again today and I am waiting to hear back. The customers have no idea how to use these different options and now we are paying for it. Thumbtack needs to do better at this.


  • DustiO
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    @JMusselman I can see one of them (the most recent one - Claire), can you send me the name on the other one? I am going to see check into this for you. Thanks!

  • Sarah J.

    I spoke to a rep and they said because I had gotten a free lead no refund was needed. but I do not believe I got the "free" lead back. This shows how confusing it is to customers. Also the two duplicate leads for Claire were for vastly different costs...why is that?

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    Ok, thank you for a little more insight into the situation. I am chatting with the team right now — looks like as you said there is nothing we can do about the "free lead" situation, unfortunately. You should be notified within the next little bit about the other duplicate. If you are willing, would you update me here once you hear back on that one?

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    I am not very hopeful but I will do so. It does not seem that Thumbtack cares about its pros. This should be an easy resolution.

  • something to watch out for is that Thumbtack usually does not offer refunds for disputed leads. They will give you a “credit” back if your dispute is accepted by their dispute team.

    There are So many things I that can be said about this on here, but it’ll likely get blocked. So I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Yes that is what happened. Glad they actually recognized the error but refunding is incredibly inconsistent.