I'm Paying for Customer Errors


I apologize in advance for using this platform to voice my concerns; however, there appears to no longer be an easy option to speak with a representative ( by the way, the automated system is less than helpful, and the message that one will be put through to an agent doesn't work either).

In any event, I requested a refund for a potential client who contacted me twice as a direct lead within 72 hours. I was declined and would have sought reconsideration, but again, there is no easy way to request such.

In the meantime, I increased my budget to secure a free lead, and nine days after the incident mentioned above, another potential client reached out to me; I was charged and, within 72 hours, did so again. The second one was free; however, I feel like it negated the next viable direct lead that would have been free to me.

I am concerned that users are confused, and I must pay for that. I understand and support this platform greatly, but there needs to be a way to get a resolution much more quickly. I don't want to be charged, especially when I have already responded to a potential client.

I hope you can assist me.


Dr. Debbie


  • DustiO
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    @drdebbie87 no need to apologize for voicing concerns here! I would recommend sending an email to support@thumbtack.com to follow up with the refund issues, especially including any supporting materials like screenshots if you have them. Unfortunately I am unable to help with refunds, but I can help follow up on them for you if you DM me the customer names. Thank you!

  • drdebbie87

    Thank you very much. I will follow-up with both support and you.

  • drdebbie87

    Happy New Year! I am writing to ascertain if there is any way I can speak to a human being at support. All attempts continue to be met with emails and chatbots. I don't want to leave this resource as it has served me fairly well; however, when I joined, I was able to speak to a warm body. That has become increasingly more difficult in recent times.

    I now have two issues that I need to have addressed.

    Thank you!