Wedding Photography Group Creation

Hey everyone I wanted to start off by saying Wow! We have all come so far during this pandemic and I know we could all use an outlet or advice on where to go from here. I have created a wedding photography group to facilitate those who are currently in the industry. In this group we can create discussions, network with each other, help answer any common questions, and overall grow within the wedding industry.

Feel free to check it out and apply to be a member. The group is private to only allow wedding photographers.


  • DustiO
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    @Noble_Canon Love this, thank you for posting! @Danielle_Penn is a fellow photographer and Community Leader :)

  • Meckell
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    Thanks for starting this group @Noble_Canon

  • @DustiO @Meckell @Danielle_Penn Thank you much for the feedback! I looked for a wedding photography group and could not find one, so I figured I might as well develop one. Although, I don't want this group to reflect myself, but I want any photographer to feel welcome to share their stories or advice. This is just the first stage and I am looking forward to seeing this community grow because we all have questions that only fellow professionals can answer or help with.

  • I have a general question for any photographer, not sure if it's ok to post here. I'm pretty new to photography and things are starting to pick up (thank you Thumbtack!). Recently I've been wishing I had a calendar to put on my website showing the dates/times I'm available for customers to choose from. I know Thumbtack has "instant bookings" but it doesn't seem to be available for photography. What's out there that I can add to my website, even if it's just a link, for clients to book sessions?

  • @krysta890 No worries, I am probably not the best person to answer this question but I have heard good things about Honeybook, and I believe Google's calendar may have some sort of setting or mode to allow people to see what days you are available or not available. Hopefully someone sees this and knows a thing or two about what you need. I recommend Youtubing a few things and finding something that works best for you.

  • @Noble_Canon Thank you for your response, I will definitely check those out!

  • Danielle_Penn
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    @Noble_Canon Loving this chat feed for sure.

    @krysta890 I use Tave. Been using that platform to keep my business streamlined, organized, and all my booking agreements in one place. I literally couldn't think of running my business without it! Please let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to help.