Instant Bookings!

I have been a top pro for a couple of years now. I have spent a lot of money using Thumbtack but the instant bookings now being a requirement is forcing me to find other avenues. Instant booking doesn't work for my business and I'm sure others feel the same way. I believe this is a huge mistake on Thumbtack's part. I contacted support but that wasn't any help. I think instant bookings should still be an option, not a requirement. Very disappointed that I have to use another platform.


  • This is also a problem for my business. Besides the fact that there are several competitors whose only strategy is cutting down prices, this feature of instant booking is not fair. It is literally a display of how twisted and ungrateful Thumbtack is with the pros who generate money for them. We don't even have a saying or aspect of democracy when making changes after we have spent money, time, and mind making a better profile and getting the reviews on the app.

    I am frustrated and would love to connect with all business owners likeminded to elevate our voices and create a better app that doesn't charge that much. Made by Pros for Pros.

  • Instant Book is wrong. First off, this is MY business. I schedule customers, because I know when I’m available. Plus, paying up to 2.5 times the normal lead time is robbery. I had a gutter cleaning job that I would charge $130 for, the Instant Book fee was $63. What a bunch of crap. Guess I’ll be going to Angi or another platform . . . I’ve been a Top Pro for over 3 yrs, with 299, 5 star reviews, and this is how I’m treated. Their loss.

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 157

    I agree, it is shouting at the wall. Nothing is changing in regards to how they are implementing instant book. It is a terrible system for my industry, and seems like it doesn't work for most people who were forced to use it. I have voiced the same concern many times, and unfortunately it all results in no meaningful action.