We want your feedback!

Hello Pro Community! We’re always looking to better improve your experience and were hoping you’d take a few minutes to let us know some of your thoughts and experiences with these questions below. Thank you!!

  • What positive experiences have you had with TT customers?
  • How has TT helped your business grow?
  • What is your favorite feature of TT and why?


  • Thumbtack price for a job sometime be to high

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 157

    @Josh_McCawley13 I think the first thing to consider, most people have feedback that may not be positive. Are you open to negative feedback?

  • Josh_McCawley13
    Josh_McCawley13 Administrator Posts: 3

    Hey Matt; while I would love nothing more than positive feedback I recognize that there are always things we can improve upon,so we are happy to hear those thoughts and suggestions so we can improve your experience.

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 157

    Sure thing.


    Almost all of my jobs have come from Thumbtack for muralist.

    The customers I am able to speak with are usually grateful I called and not text since they prefer the connection to be direct.

    Dusti is awesome for engaging in Pro’s who are not always happy, but she is willing to listen and try and give an answer.

    Please Fix/address these issues

    1) Instant Booking - Please allow for the option to turn off instant booking for the Pro’s who don’t need it or it doesn’t work for their industry. It doesn’t work for my industry (muralist) at all, there are so many nuanced things about the process that a one size fits all will never work.

    2) Price Setting - Make the “set your prices” option actually make sense for the industry the Pro is in. The email that was just sent out (see image below) makes it feel like we can actually set prices in front of the customers. I don’t do estimates in person, and I never charge for any estimate. Yet this email makes it feel like we can set our prices so our customers can see our fees. When I click into the email it’s only about estimate pricing.

    3) Galleries - I know most Pro’s don’t use them but the galleries are terrible for visual artists like me. I cannot rearrange photos without uploading them one by one to ensure they go in a specific order. The image galleries on the users side is also confusing, it shows Featured Projects, but then it’s just a giant gallery of all the images, would be nice to see a gallery of albums, then the option to click into each one.

    4) Support - For emails that need to be sent to [email protected] it would be nice to have an auto responder that says you have received the email, we as pros get prompted often to send feedback to that email, but it feels like it is being sent to the void.

    5) Messaging - Thumbtack messaging is not customer friendly, yet our responses are required through it to enable a positive status. I have heard from NUMEROUS clients that they cannot log back into Thumbtack and they give up on it. The only way I have ever gotten a job was through texting/calling, never Messaging through Thumbtack. I went through my messages I sent out, and less than half were ever even read.

    6) Account Creation - Require 2 Factor Authentication- so many customers feel like ghosts, no response to text, call or message because I have a feeling they didn’t put in their real information and we do not have access to their email addresses. Which brings me to another point, allow for the email addresses to be shown as well. If we are being charged for these leads, we should get all the information possible to close that lead.

    7) Reward Status - I was a platinum pro almost since I got my first job through Thumbtack, and yet I am at sliver because my feedback wasn’t recent enough, even though I have a 5 star feedback profile. The problem with this is, in many cases it’s impossible to get past clients to post a review and if I have a lull in projects that are completed, I get punished because of it. I have always met every goal to qualify for Platinum status, but because my jobs are much fewer than most industries, I get sent back to Silver status due to lack of recent reviews.

    8) Business Location - Please allow a business that is willing to travel, and work throughout the US to be booked for whatever region they want to work in. The current radius for businesses is just far too small to be effective in key markets, and creating a new profile for each isn’t time effective, and the loss of reviews pretty much makes it like we are starting off as a new business. Ideally I want to be in major cities and enable a 300 mile radius from that. Muralist travel - and each job is in the thousands if not 10’s of thousands so paying to fly and the logistics are well worth the hassle of travel.

    Happy to chat further anytime - I have posted other things about the Thumbtack process you can find in these forums as well.

  • Dave
    Dave Posts: 3

    You want only Positive feedback? Isn't that kind of sticking the proverbial head in the sand? I DO have a lot of positives with TT but lately the negatives FAR outweigh the positives....


    1) Instant booking is shameless corporate price gouging and you all should be ashamed of yourselves!!

    2) customer service is is non existent!

    3)TT should actually read the reason why a Pro requested a refund instead of automatically sending a denied email!!

    4) Let us Pros talk to a HUMAN when we need support!! You do realize that PROS are the sole reason for TT's existence right??? Seems as if you have forgotten about us completely......

    5) Jeez that's enough for today......and plenty for you guys to work on!!!! Now fix it please!!



  • Josh_McCawley13
    Josh_McCawley13 Administrator Posts: 3

    Hi Dave, thanks for your feedback! As I mentioned we are looking for any and all feedback, so thank you for sharing your thoughts!