Pros Check your bank statements- Thumbtack reactivated my account & charged me without my knowledge

Meredith_Beck Posts: 1
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Pros check your bank accounts! After not being active since 2021, my account was reactivated, without my knowledge, 1/2/24. Thank goodness I noticed a charge from Thumbtack on my cc statement and looked in to it. I learned Thumbtack restarted my account, started sending me leads, without sending me any notifications that leads were coming it, and then didn't notify me that they were charging me. I feel lucky I caught this when I did, but they're also refusing to refund me because of the "refund policy". How can they not refund me for reactivating my account, not even notifying me it was mysteriously reactivated and leads were coming in.... I didn't even know to log in to stop them until a week after they already happened. I feel very violated by Thumbtack and will be warning any other contractors to not use this "service."