Instant Booking

I went around and around with a text to from tech-support yesterday, and I kept pressing them. I found out these two things. First, supposedly they did trial runs and experiments, and found that all users want instant book, which is BS. Secondly, after I continued depress him, they said instant book is here to stay, and we’re not changing it. So there you go.


  • That’s the answer I’ve been waiting to see on here now I will be pulling my business from thumbtack and I know of 10 more business owner near me that will be doing the same instant book does not work and we never wanted it I took part in the survey before hand and 85% of us did not want instant book.

  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 157

    Plain and simple, the instant booking feature is something they should allow to be turned on or off.

  • They actually sent another survey yesterday asking about instant book and max lead prices I really hope they listen because they are getting no more money from my business until they add an on off for instant booking. I’m sure they seen huge profits at the beginning of forced instant book but that is only because so many small businesses were so reliant on thumbtack for leads so no other options but to use thumbtack. But those same businesses are going with other options for leads and profits are going to plummet for thumbtack really shot their selves in the foot with instant booking. On the positive it has opened more doors for leads for a lot of small businesses that did not know they existed or used before.