Account deactivated for no reason

Hi community I hope everyone is doing well so I got surprised this afternoon with my husband’s account was deactivated with no reason he does landscaping jobs and has a strong profile 5 stars with more than 158 reviews I am writing here because he can’t do anything through his account and today is Friday and thumbtack support will be back only Monday now, we have researched about this and we have found a lot of people that had the same issue we have already checked his email but nothing as I said for no reason I don’t think it was did by a person I think the system did it randomly and it was a mistake I hope to find help here as I saw there is a person from thumbtack helping the community and I really appreciate if you can help me with this issue I will leave my husband email associated with his account below, we have used thumbtack for years and we are very frustrated with that, I have a cleaning business and my account is fine only his account was deactivated and the emails, name and our business are totally different from each other, anyway I hope we get it back as the spring just started, thank you


  • DustiO
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    @Vbastos I saw your comment on another post as well - I am looking into this to see if I can learn any more, however I cannot directly help with account deactivations/reactivations. I will let you know what I found out and if there are any next steps I can help with!