Interior Decorators/Designers - how has lead flow been so far in 2024?

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To all my fellow Interior Decorators/Designers, how has lead flow been so far this year for you and has instant booking affected your lead flow? Unfortunately, I was one of the many affected by the mandatory instant booking change and had to make the decision to pause my business on the platform as we all know that instant bookings DO NOT work in our industry and business processes. I was hoping after pausing for a month or so that Thumbtack would go back to allowing it as an option, but sadly not. So then I made the decision back in December to just keep my business hidden with the small hope that they turn off mandatory instant booking and I can just hop back on the platform... still waiting LOL.

However, I've also been hearing that in GENERAL many Designers are facing a huge slow down in leads recently. Especially ones who have been very successful on it in the past. For those who continued with the instant booking (or luckily Thumbtack never made that change on your account), how has the lead flow been in 2024 so far? Should we all be looking elsewhere for lead generation? Let me know below and tell me where you're located as well!