Issues with multiple business accounts & support


First, I would like to say that Thumbtack has been key to my success as a business owner over the last couple of years. I have gotten dozens if not hundreds of leads and clients through this great service.

However, the last week has been quite a nightmare. After trying to contact support several times during hours, getting trapped in endless loops with dysfunctional support bots, and getting no answers in the process, I really hope to get some answers and inspire change for the Thumbtack team.

I have 3 main problems that I have not been able to resolve.

1. I have two businesses associated with my thumbtack account that are unrelated (except for the fact that I am the owner of both). They have separate emails, separate needs, and separate teams. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get leads from one business sent to one email and the leads for the other business sent to the other email. How can I set this up? If it is not a feature, it should be.

2. It won't let me connect my Google reviews for my second business.

3. The billing information and the company logo are linked together for the two business accounts. If I change it one, it changes on the other.

Please, please, please get a better support system in place and help me to resolve these issues so I can get my business back up and running. Thank you for all you do.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,659

    Thanks for posting, and sorry you had trouble getting through to support!

    1. In this case, I think you would probably need to create 2 completely separate Thumbtack accounts, as they are connected to your email address (so you cannot have more than one email address connected to one account).
    2. You are only able to import Google reviews one time, unfortunately.
    3. If you created completely separate accounts it would solve for the logos changing on both accounts.

    If you decide to create another account, please reach out and let me know (or comment here and drop the email address for the new account). I can then let the team know so it doesn't get flagged for linked accounts.