Excessive pros contacted


I would like to know why was this customer allowed to contact 8 seperate pros for the same job. Mind you the lead cost me $102.90 just $1.10 short of my max lead price. Just for this customer to not even respond.


  • chilogm1
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    I think I brought that up to their attention before and they had a change in the system where they alert us on how they would minimize the amount of people someone can contact at the same time. From my point of view they should refund you that money cause that was such a waste of money for a lead that has multiple people contacted. Lets say everyone that was contact pay the same amount as you. They just packet more than $700 which is very unfair and outrageous. They still gonna say oh we bring your business in front of people blah blah

  • DustiO
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    @Walters_Electric32 Customers are limited to 4 pros contacted within the first 4 hours. It looks like this customer reached out to 4 pros first and then reached out to 4 more 2 days later (because they may not have heard back and/or weren't happy with the bid). It looks like they did end up hiring a pro to do the job. Some customers will inevitably shop around for several bids before hiring.

  • Walters_Electric32

    @DustiO So is there a cut off number or is it basically an unlimited number of how much money a customer could waste of us pros because they waited 4 hours?

    Look at the review numbers it’s like night and day. It looks like the customer maxed out each time he was able to just because. It’s honestly unfair that this is even possible for the cost of this lead alone.

    Also, I responded faster than everyone else that did respond with better numbers than everyone except one pro but the customer never responds?

    I think it should be mandatory for the customer to respond before being able to contact another group of individuals even if they’re declining your services, which is still crazy because they’re the ones that clicked on the profile to receive information in the first place.