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Hey everybody I am Brett douglas. I've been a top pro since 2018 on this app and have worked my way around the system for a long time. I know it's each new rollout comes there's a little certain period of confusion to get back on top. I've spent my career trying to help others for free so that they too can Master the Thumbtack app. If you need any help with setting up your profile to attract the right customers to getting your settings straight so you don't spend too much money and you can still gain work please reach out to me personally at 386-500-8217. I'm a thumbtack top pro advisor on the new board however I'm not associated with Thumbtack other than the fact that I'm a pro vendor myself and just want people to succeed. Hope things are going well for your business if not and you need some tweaking reach out to me and I'll help you for free warm regards Brett Douglas Florida


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    I'm not a thumbtack employee. I am a top pro.