Inspiring stories from our pros - Steve S.

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A 4 time Top Pro, with nearly 900 hires, Steve S is a handyman in San Francisco. But 7 years ago Steve didn’t even own a screwdriver! He shared his incredible journey with us: 

“In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer and given 6 months to live. But, after several months the cancer was knocked down. A handyman friend of mine wanted to get me out of my house so he started taking me on jobs with him... I often say that cancer gave me a second chance at life. And now, thanks to Thumbtack, I can work when I want to work, I can pay my bills - I consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world. What more can I ask for?”

To hear Steve, and more inspiring words from our pros, watch this video from a few months back.


  • Meckell
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    Steve is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  • Danielle_Penn
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    Wow! Such an inspiration for us all! Amazing story.

  • PomeranzLaw
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    This is awesome!

  • PSD
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    There is an old saying that we should always remember. "This too will pass." Keep the faith, stay positive and be more interested in learning about others than in just selling and talking about yourself.

  • perrysto
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    Steve, your energy is infectious. I'm grateful for you and your spirit.

    Keep inspiring.