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We've had great experience with Thumbtack for the past couple of years. But recently we've been getting a lot of leads that end up being the wrong number, or did not request for a service. We've also wasted a considerable amount of time and resources trying to accommodate the service requests that we got from Thumbtack, only to receive complaints that we've got the wrong person or that they didn't need anything, which is weird because we've got a conversation trail in our CRM that the lead was responding. We

ve tried reaching out to Thumbtack support to report what's going on so they can hopefully investigate & their responses had mostly been about not being able to issue a refund even when we've made it clear that we are NOT calling to ask for a refund; we are primarily concerned about the quality of leads that are coming through so we'd like for them to take a look at what's going on. Anybody else experiencing the same?


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    @Mary To clarify - are you wondering where is the best place to leave feedback about lead quality?

    If you think there is something not right about a lead (ie you suspect it's spam), please be sure to report the customer