Why does this even exist


Why do we have another step after this. This step nothing but a trick test a change of mind not every client are looking to book if they already staring to check on availability why ask them to skip the back and forth. Direct booking is nothing but a pricey money grab it’s not beneficial for no one but thumbtack since we the pro cannot get a refund at any giving time the client cancel the booking. We getting punish because someone decide to change their minds last minutes. We lose potential clients and also lose money on those leads that we cannot get a refund on. If someone pick just browsing what’s is the purposes of telling them to skip the small talk which is what gave the client the chance to get the quotes they are looking for. Having to pay for a direct booking when a client says oh I was just looking for quote or quote shopping right now has to be the most stressful thing to deal with. Y’all gave them the option to book a time slot out of our schedule just to be told oh I don’t need you to come that day I’m just looking for quote right now or I’m waiting for some other quote is nothing but a ripped off. I had multiple client this week literally book me for a specific time and day and tell me I’m just looking for quote right now I’ll let you know when I got the other quote some even cancel their booking after a little while. It makes no sense that we been complaining about the same issues over and over and no one think Humm let’s make some changes. But no let’s add some new stuff on the app like oh leads and booking total total cost blah blah blah. Make some changes where it’s needed. We spend way too much money on this platform not be heard. Don’t get me start about the price being raise for some services that cost the same price as the lead.