Sudden drop in leads


I am having an issue with sudden drop in leads. I went from getting at least a few a week to none. It’s been 2 weeks without a single lead. I have top pro badge, all 5star reviews. I’ve done everything Thimbtack has suggested. It has to be a shadow ban or something. My views are still coming in but no leads. Why would Thumbtack not issue me leads like usual? I’m guessing to keep competition down and not have too many contractors calling the same customer. Which is good in a sense. But I could use some more leads. I was told there’s not much in my area. I live outside of NYC, there’s plenty of people with homes here. Starting to get upset. My account is the top ranked in search but I feel like maybe they stopped new leads for me so that I go back and call all the past leads I’ve gotten. It has to be more than “it’s just slow”. Really could use some attention towards this matter. I really like Thumbtack a lot, it helped me get off the ground. Maybe it’s time to start generating my own leads? Hopefully things pick back up here and I start getting leads again