Some ideas to get the ball rolling :)

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In our Beta Community Feedback Group this week, let’s focus on what resources would be helpful for you. Here are some thoughts we had to get some ideas flowing, but we really want to hear your ideas!

  • Tips for running a small business - what would be most helpful for you to learn from other pros?
  • Adapting your business during a pandemic - what has worked for you and what would you want to hear from other pros?
  • Success stories or learning experiences - what inspires you?
  • Holiday/New Year planning for your business - what are you doing to plan for success in 2020?
  • Events or webinars - what might be interesting for you to attend or know that others are attending?
  • Opportunities to connect, collaborate, or refer other pros - how can this Community help facilitate the connections that you find most valuable?


  • PomeranzLaw
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    Good morning! How do you handle the following elements of the sales cycle - proposal (formal vs informal) and follow-ups? I have shifted to sending informal proposals by email subsequent to initial calls with prospective clients and following up on a periodic basis depending on the opportunity and my bandwidth. Does anyone have a more formal process? Something that works great?


    Jeffrey Pomeranz

    Pomeranz Law PLLC

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    @PomeranzLaw - It sounds like it could be beneficial for you to have a CRM in place such as Podio, hubspot, honeybook, or one specifically created for lawyers. A tool like those will help you keep track of your clients and which step they are at in your project! I categorize clients by initial assessment, need to schedule session, session scheduled, project in progress, complete, and awaiting review. Of course, I would customize it for your workflow but I hope this helped - let me know if you have any other questions!