Major decline in leads over the past 3 weeks

Over the last 3 weeks, my views and leads have decreased to almost nothing. I have a 5.0 rating with 11 reviews. I have not changed much on my end and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what was done to resolve the matter.

Any help would be great!


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    @PomeranzLaw, @patrykkg, @perrysto, @BITBLeah, @Danielle_Penn, @Filip_Matic, @CurlyBartender is this something that any of you have encountered in the past?

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    Not that I can recall. I would continue to build out your profile (if you have not done so already), reply to reviews and all the other things that Thumbtack recommends to ensure you have a standout profile.

  • The portfolio is built out and I'm only 100 points from hitting the Platinum Pro award. I have increased my budget and expanded my reach to try and get more views.

    My guess is that something has changed within the system and I am no longer being displayed at the top of the search.

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    I have seen a major decline in leads over the past months. I believe that a lot of people due to the pandemic are still being conservative. As much as we want to get back to normal, unfortunately, we aren't fully there yet.

    Be patient, keep improving your profile, and the more comments you have the better!

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    I think it just has to do with your local market and field of work you are in. Here I have been so busy I am turning away work and I also am 5.0 with around 80 reviews. Are you in a niche market? I happen to be in the handyman field and I consistently keep a full weeks worth of work on the books sometimes 2.

  • I am a photographer. I specialize in portraits and weddings.

    Unfortunately, I only have a handful of reviews. Not everyone that has purchased from me via Thumbtack has left a review.

    I know the photography niche in Dallas is competitive, however, I normally get a few jobs per week through Thumbtack. I guess I need to review my listing and pricing.

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    Building your reviews is critical as it helps your ranking and provides confidence in prospective customers. Recommend reaching out to past clients and making it easy for them to leave you a great review.

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    @Charles_Wunderlich did you know that you can import up to ten reviews from other sites, like Google and Facebook? Here is an article showing you how to do it. And there is a video at the top of that page about asking your Thumbtack customers or past customers to write a review. Hope these help!

  • I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing

  • Yes. Since 2022, direct leads have dropped massively. I used to just turn on for just a few hours a week to fill it up. Now I have it on all day and bearly get a hit a day. My stats and position is good. It’s kinda scary.


  • Hi.

    Unfortunately that's not the solution. The drop in leads has been since around January, and my leads max has been very high since it's introduction.


  • i am experiencing the same thing.

    I was getting almost more leads that I could handle about a month ago, right before they changed to max lead pricing, and now I’m lucky to get 2 a week, but I’m still spending $100 somehow super frustrating!!

    I get zero local leads, there are jobs locally for me to have. We have a resort town, it’s just insane. I’ve called numerous times and I’m not called. I’ve texted and waited hours for a response. I’ll need to be dismissed pretty much except for one person Erwin he was wonderful and thoughtful and kind and helpful and thank you Erwin!!