July Pro Highlights

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“I interned for six months before starting Danielle Penn Photography, and Thumbtack was the reason I was able to branch off on my own. I have now been a wedding photographer since 2014, and I thoroughly enjoy capturing love stories on a weekly basis. If it wasn’t for Thumbtack I wouldn’t have been as successful as a wedding photographer and business owner. I am contacted by many artists and professionals asking for advice, and I love that what I do inspires others. When we push others to reach their goals, we know we’re doing something right.” — Danielle Penn, photographer @Danielle_Penn

“Owning a business gives me the satisfaction of working with people directly and being in control over my own schedule. Thumbtack has given me the flexibility and ability to work directly with my customers. My advice to new business owners is to have a plan and practice a bunch before you launch. Having a plan with achievable goals helps you build your business long-term.” — Jay Tharian, CEO of TechnoloJay Services @Jay_Tharian

“We've had the honor of singing for people as they propose to the love of their life, for couples as they walk down the aisle, for birthdays, baby showers, important work milestones, and celebrations of life. The one thing in common during all of these experiences is that music brings people together; we live for the opportunity to help create these moments.” — Greg and Aleesha, singer-songwriters @TheComplements

"Yes, resources exist — books, videos, mentors — on operating a business, but no one is going to do the work for you. Mistakes will happen. Embrace these learning opportunities and figure out what needs to occur to prevent the same mistake from reoccurring. If there was no risk and it was easy, everyone would do it." — Jeffrey Pomeranz, attorney @PomeranzLaw

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    Thanks so much for featuring us! Honored to be included with these wonderful Pros.

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    Great input from @Danielle_Penn , @Jay_Tharian and @TheComplements! Thumbtack is a great way to introduce and showcase your business to the market and having a plan is critical to long-term growth.

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    Thank you Thumbtack for always knowing you are in our court. So honored to be featured in this with @Jay_Tharian , @TheComplements ,and @PomeranzLaw .

    @PomeranzLaw I fully agree that learning opportunities are all around us and pushing ourselves to constantly excel is important. Look forward to always growing with all of you! Keep up the great work everyone. 😊

  • Thanks for the shoutout . It's a good feeling knowing that your business partners care about what you have to say. Glad to see other pros as well doing great on Thumbtack !