Brain Dump from 12/7/20 Meeting

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Hi everyone - sorry if this is lengthy, I try to be thorough! We had a great meeting today and I thought I would bring what was discussed to the group to have even more participation in the discussion! 

General thoughts

  • Instead of using “New Discussion” change to a ‘call to action’ like “Post Here”, something more inviting
    • Not everything requires a discussion, such as writing an inspiring story 
  • Have a weekly email digest of Community Topics to keep people interested in the community
    • As we all get a lot of emails, figuring out the proper frequency to sending the digest to keep us active

Network & Collaborate

  • What are groups you would like to see in this area?
    • Geospecific?
    • People in your same profession?
    • Like-minded / complementary businesses?
  • How do we combat multiple boards being created for the same area or like minded / complementary set of businesses? How can we make sure the boards/groups we are in are easy to come back to?

Combating negativity when it will inevitably be brought to the page

  • The future community leaders need to be properly briefed on how to deal with diffusing negative situations, redirecting the comments away from the specific post, and moving it to the proper channel
    • Should there be a specific area to direct them to on the community page or completely off of the page? 
  • Thumbtack would like this community to be run mostly by the professionals.  If the Pros are on the same page, answer in a timely manner to the concern, and are helping one another in more of a team atmosphere it would be hoped that the snowball of hateful comments will not be as significant. 

Questions for my other pros:

  • What are things that make you want to engage with other platforms? What could be brought to this platform to make you want to regularly engage?  (I’m thinking about LinkedIn, NextDoor, as well as the regulars!)
  • Do you like the navigation of the new community, is there anything you think could be improved?

Lastly, try to join the meeting next week! I would love to see more of you there to help grow this community into what we all want it to be!!



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    @BITBLeah thank you SO MUCH for posting this. Your insights are invaluable to this community! @CurlyBartender @Filip_Matic @PomeranzLaw @ralphann @rosssystems @Ski @Squeakycleancleaning Feel free to add your thoughts!

  • Would like to see groups of “complimentary service providers”.

    Would also like to see an area or group dedicated to Success Stories: Thumbtack Pros Who Successfully Teamed Up to Provide Complimentary Client Services.

  • CurlyBartender
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    @BITBLeah Thank you for posting this to update us all !

    I think having this group is going to be so beneficial to us all & having so many different businesses is amazing as well so that we can all bounce ideas off each other relating to general business. The business since of things will relate to everyone.

    I also think it would be great to have groups in our similar professions. For example my company is a mobile bartending company so a group could be Event based businesses & then if we broke it down even more a sub group of that could be bartending companies.

    See you on the next meeting :)