Have phone numbers helped anyone? I’d prefer emails.

I recently came back to using thumbtack as a pro & know about the new phone numbers feature. I am wondering if anyone had actually gotten a response from a prospect through texting/calling when they aren’t “reading” messages on thumbtack? So far it hasn’t been helpful at all for me. When I saw they started doing that I immediately thought, too bad they don’t give emails out! I provide so much value through my email list that I have had previous thumbtack contacts who have joined the list, but not my program end up signing with me from my free value there + better timing for them. Does anyone else agree that having to pay & receiving emails would be more helpful?


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    Hi @cakenweights this is a great question! Reaching out to our Community Leaders here to see if they have any thoughts! @perrysto @Mage @PomeranzLaw @Danielle_Penn @CurlyBartender @patrykkg @BITBLeah Do you guys have any thoughts on email vs phone numbers? Or any experiences with the new phone number feature?

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    Interesting question. I actually send most leads a link to schedule time with me instead of calling them. Same would be the case if they were to provide an email. Every business is different and I love your approach with having a drip campaign. I like people leveraging my calendaring system as it allows me to be responsive but still maintain control over my day and schedule.

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    Hey @cakenweights I too prefer marketing and contacting via email and of course the Thumbtack app, which sends emails. Phone is too...intrusive for my business. I end up getting people who demand that I reach out to the *right now* even when I am super busy. I had accidentally left my Thumbtack "on" and forgot to hide my business one day...received five (5!) leads. I had to let them know I will reach out to them when I have time because I am busy. My fear is that they may end up picking other Pros instead, but if they do, then maybe it wasn't a good match to begin with. I receive so many phone calls that I honestly would rather "sell" my Calendly booking link. This way clients can get a call to action that asks them to request a consultation with me, and it follows my Google Calendar. I don't have any employees–it's just myself, Thumbtack, and other marketing services that I pay for. Email contacts and selling my Calendly booking link are better things for leads to receive from me than for me to receive their phone number because I don't always have the time/chance to make phone calls or check SMS messages. And as you mentioned, email is so much better for certain marketing/statistics.

    Do any other Pros feel the same way here?

  • I'll freely admit I simply don't like phone calls. Phone calls demand immediate attention, are subject to background noise/poor connection/speaking difficulties, and are impossible to refer back to in the future.

    By contrast, emails let either party respond at their convenience, everything is written down (and hopefully spell-checked), and can be saved indefinitely for future reference.

    It may be a millennial thing but when I'm given the option of a phone call or an email, 999/1000 times I'll pick email. With smartphones there's no reason emails can't be instantly responded to anyways. I know were I a customer and I was shopping for quotes, I definitely would not want a business giving me a phone call if I didn't respond to their quote quickly enough, and in fact it would turn me off from using their business; it feels too much like a pushy sales tactic.

    That all being said, I don't think either contact option would be enough to convert "window shoppers" or otherwise non-responsive customers into paying clients.

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    I really like how messaging the customer on Thumbtack leaves a "digital paper trail." The message goes to both their email and to the app. With SMS messages, it's kind of hit and miss and not as "official." And I too have found it is pointless to reach out to a customer if they haven't responded.