Collecting Customer Info

I'd like to gather all my customer contact info to improve my marketing outreach. Is there an easy way to get this info from Thumbtack?


  • DustiO
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    Hi @d4dkaren Can you be a little more specific? What type of information are you trying to get?

  • names, addresses, phone #s

  • DustiO
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    @d4dkaren If I understand correctly, you are hoping to export the names, addresses, and phone numbers of customers you have worked with? There currently is no way to do that through Thumbtack, that is information that you would need to collect from customers once you begin working with them. You can go back through your messages and see who you have worked with (but I know you are looking for something more than this). And, you are now able to tag your messages in messenger so that you can categorize them and later go back and view messages by "pending", "job confirmed", "job done", or "not hired" - so that you can more easily view the customers you actually ended up working with. Here is a screen shot where you can see where to tag the message and where you would click to view different categories.

    I know some of our Community Leaders and contributors have some good advice on what systems they use to track customers - @PomeranzLaw @Danielle_Penn @patrykkg @CurlyBartender @Mage @perrysto @BITBLeah @TheComplements what do you use to track customers?

    When I was a business owner I used a simple spreadsheet - where I would update my customers weekly (I did customers I worked with, but also customers that I wanted to continue to reach out to in the future - like maybe they couldn't hire me then but said they might at a future date), but I know there are much better systems out there! Sorry if this isn't the answer you were hoping for, but hopefully some of our Community members can make some good recommendations.

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    I leverage a cloud-based platform as the back-end of my platform. Whatever you do, I would recommend only having one system instead of many.

  • Thank you for your response, it's greatly appreciated.

    Yes, I was hoping for a simple way to download this info, but couldn't find anything. I was able to easily do it in my Etsy store, and was hoping for something similar considering the price per lead, but I will continue to manually populate my spreadsheet, like you did.

    Still would love to hear if anyone has any advice.

    Thanks again!

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    @d4dkaren Just as a side note, our team is continually looking for ways to add value to Thumbtack for our pros, and one of the things we are looking at is partnerships with companies that do things like accounting, project management, customer management, etc. As we are looking at those kinds of things, we would love your feedback on what tools would be most helpful to you. Thanks for asking and for sharing your thoughts - keep them coming!

  • Thanks! I'll think on it and discuss with my partner and provide some feedback.

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    I currently use:

    • Calendly:

    • Music Teacher's Helper: (I do a lot of music teaching, so this makes sense.)

    • MailChimp:

    • Google Contacts:

    • SignPost:

    I can explain why I use so many, but I think I will hold off unless someone really wants to know! 😆