Another Pro copied my profile

Recently I worked with a freelance contractor who told me of another pro they worked with who mentioned me by name. I had not heard of this other pro in my industry, and I somewhat regularly check out the competition to see where we all stand. When I looked up this other pro I found they had recently jumped up the rankings, and looking at their profile, I noticed their FAQs section was almost word-for-word copied from my own profile!

I've heard imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I have no issue with reviewing other profiles for inspiration, but such blatant copying feels like a lazy and unprofessional move from a competitor that feels outclassed.

Is this worth looking further into, or am I making a bigger deal out of it than it is? At the end of the day I'm confident my work speaks for itself and if any potential clients even happened to notice the similarities, I've been in business longer so I don't think it'd reflect poorly on me.


  • DustiO
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    @OnTheRockies It's so great to see your face in the Community - but I wish it was under better circumstances... I love your attitude about this and I really believe in the end your work speaks for itself - and your work is pretty incredible. I hope to see more of you in the Community!