October Pro Highlights

Meckell Administrator Posts: 100

“I love owning my own business because It allows me to work my own schedule and enhance my quality of life. I also get to share my love for food — and Thumbtack has provided the bridge necessary for me to create a memorable experience for new clients. My favorite thing about achieving Gold Pro Rewards status on Thumbtack is receiving professional advice on how to expand my business and knowing that I can reach out anytime I need assistance.” — Greg Akahoshi

“My favorite thing about being a makeup artist is making people feel beautiful. I joined Thumbtack 3 years ago and 95% of my clients come from the site. Thumbtack has tremendously grown my clientele that I’m now able to be self-employed full-time. Being a business owner has been a dream of mine since I was a child — and now I get to be an example for my daughter. My advice to anyone starting their own business is to never give up because being a Platinum Pro on Thumbtack is proof to me that perseverance pays off.” — Shekerah Mitchell

“Magic is real! My passion as a magician allows me to share love and positivity. Creating and offering a magical product or service for the masses while having the freedom as my own boss is what I strive for as a business owner. Thumbtack has made it easy for me to get my business out in my area and beyond. Also, the Support team has helped me put my best foot forward with possible clients. I am honored to be a Silver Rewards Pro on Thumbtack because of the Success Workshop. They truly strive to help business owners succeed.” - Jonathon Molo

“Being a business owner requires a tremendous amount of patience, perseverance and hard work. Determination is definitely needed in order to become successful. My favorite thing about running @bemybelledesigns is that I get to create personalized and customized items for people that they will cherish for years to come. I’m amazed at how Thumbtack has helped me reach so many customers. Recently, I was thrilled to help a customer that wanted a framed poem in calligraphy to gift to her friend — and they left me a wonderful review through the Thumbtack app. It’s customers like these who make my day and keep me going.” — Michelle Ramolete

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