[POLL] What are the best ways to give back to our communities?

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In the spirit of the season, we would love to know what ways you give back to your communities! Share ideas - and if you have a story about giving back, we want to hear it in the comments - and maybe you'll be featured here in the Community!

[POLL] What are the best ways to give back to our communities? 15 votes

Donate financially
HBTCWed_Lakela 1 vote
Donate time
Barbara_BillettYourtexascleanerElite360Happee_Helper696 4 votes
Collect or donate items
busyb 1 vote
chanellaurenSad_dad91 2 votes
Volunteer your trade/craft
Marcus1987SwebbinteriorsDanielGoodpasterMicahf_71Diana 5 votes
Clean your community
Mitchell_Lawncare 1 vote
Organize a fundraiser
Plumbernick417 1 vote


  • Other

    I think every situation is different. I think we should all utilize what's is most impactful to whom we are helping. Everyone has different needs. We should spend our time doing what's most meaningful. Whether it is helping an elderly neighbor or donating to your favorite charity it is all good for the universe !

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    @Plumbernick417 I love this so much, thank you for sharing!

  • Volunteer your trade/craft

    I think volunteering to help the elderly as well as single mothers complete needed home repairs.

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    @DanielGoodpaster LOVE this! Is this something that you have done? Would love to hear more about helping people complete needed home repairs!

  • Donate time

    I am thankful for my family, my health and my customers.

  • Donate financially

    We really needed to be able to choose more than one because they are all viable. I settled on FINANCIAL under the premise that, hopefully, whatever their need is, they could secure the help if they had the money.

    Since, I now have a craft/service (Ordained Wedding Officiant), and I am blessed to do it full-time, I want to donate it! Perhaps a monthly raffle/challenge on my fb page?

    Any other ideas?


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    @Elite360 @Swebbinteriors @HBTCWed_Lakela You all seriously made me tear up with these responses, thank you so much for sharing, truly.

  • Volunteer your trade/craft

    I see a need for senior citizens in the community that has needed help with organizing their homes.

    I have taken on many jobs for seniors to help them get their homes organized and I end up doing the job at no charge. So many seniors aren't able to get around or have help to clean their homes. This eventually leads to them not being able to move around safely in their homes. I think it is our responsibility to help the seniors in our communities that have given so many years of their lives for us.

  • Donate time

    I am new to TT...a year or so. I have been volunteering for about 15 years. This is not about me (hehe!), but I have been voted Volunteer of the Year Award from Habitat for Humanity and earned board member spots in several other NP's...the most important thing you can do is volunteer your time. Whether you are offering your goods, or running an event for a fundraiser, or leading a Heal the Bay event...all of these take time. I LOVE to volunteer and currently sit on 2 boards of NP's. Being a business owner, and a new one, TT helps me maximize my client time with quality leads (and make a living!) so that I can give back more! It is such a blessing that I "coincidentally" became part of a group that believes...encourages! helping the community! Thank you, Universe 🙏🕉️

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    @Happee_Helper696 thank you so much for sharing - I really loved reading this and I am thankful to have you as part of our pro community!