[Video] What does community mean to you?

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Watch this video to meet some of your Community Leaders and fellow pros, as they talk about what community means to them.

This is your space to connect with other business owners in your area or industry — to share ideas, exchange best practices, get help on challenges and celebrate wins together.

Comment here and let us know what community means to YOU.


  • BITBLeah
    BITBLeah Community Leader Posts: 14

    Awesome video!!

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 425

    @BITBLeah AWESOME pros!

  • Danielle_Penn
    Danielle_Penn Community Leader Posts: 40

    Love it! ☺️

  • This is incredible!

  • Awesome! Collaborating and helping others in the same field I found was huge in helping keep each other a float and in business during these tough times.

  • Allan
    Allan Posts: 0

    Community is a group of people that all share something in common, never allowing that common interest to be sacrificed. It brings that group a bond that will never fall apart and transcends time.

  • Loved the video! I am so interested in collaborating and helping others reach their potential.