Receiving Direct Leads that really aren't Direct Leads?

Hey guys! My name is Britney and I am one of the CEO's of Lexington Development! We are a construction, remodeling, contracting, and handyman service based out of Jackson, MS! I just was wanting to know if there are other Pros that receive "Direct Leads" that aren't really "Direct Leads"? What I mean by my question is that there have been numerous times that when I respond to a "Direct Leads" message, maybe it be like the max is a 20 minute wait, they won't respond to my messages right away however, when they do respond or even when I call them, they let me know that the project was completed weeks ago, I even had three times where the project was completed months ago! I guess my best question would be how do you pros handle that? I'm always polite and I even apologize about reaching out to them so late but, I also inform them that I was JUST notified by their project. Any thoughts?


  • DustiO
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    @LexingtonDev thank you for contributing here and in other threads - so nice to have you in the Community!

    This sounds like there may be something going wrong in your account - have you reached out to [email protected] yet? If not, I definitely would so they can make sure everything is working properly!

  • @DustiO I have reached out to them twice but, I hadn't gotten any responses so I even tried to refund the Direct Lead, which I wouldn't normally do, but at the same time if I am getting charged for a $60+ lead every week that may not be an actual lead because of the fact that the work is completed, it's great that I now have their number so I can reach out to them again if needed but, I really don't get much benefit from that other than the number because there is really no opportunity if that makes any sense?