November Pro Highlights

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"My favorite thing about what I do is being able to help people when they need something to be notarized right then — and being a mobile notary, I'm able to come to all my clients quickly. To be a successful business owner, you need to have great customer service and communication skills, as well as market and network your business from day one. Thumbtack has helped grow my business in a tremendous way. The customers I have connected with on the site have become repeat clients and even referred me to people they know. One of my favorite parts of receiving Gold Pro Rewards status is that prospective clients know that they can definitely trust my services.” — Nicole Johnson, owner of @completetrustnotary and Gold Pro Reward Thumbtack pro

“You miss every shot you don't take, so be willing to take risks. I love owning my own business because it allows me the flexibility to be a mom and have a career. Thumbtack has given me direct access to clients and the customer reviews are a huge plus. My favorite thing about teaching the FUNdamentals of basketball is watching a young player make their first shot. I always cry!” — Wen Cheuk, owner of @wellplayedsf and Thumbtack pro

“We love to meet people and help them with their home improvement needs. Owning our own business gives us the opportunity to make our own schedule and meet our clients’ needs at the same time. One piece of advice to anyone starting their own business is to take advantage of what Thumbtack has to offer. We started our handyman business with a handful of referrals from family and friends. Then we found Thumbtack — and our business has thrived!” — Jen and Ron Trask, owners of @jen.ron2015 and Thumbtack pros

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