Thumbtack and the help i never received

I contacted the Thumbtack company last Thursday and talk to a lady who explained to me that Thumbtack was a great way to get in front of customers and connect with those needing help with there projects they want to get done.

She went on to explain 9f i bought $300 worth lead to purchase leads iny industry from customers needing a pro to compete a job for them and that if i bought thos $300 package id receive another $100 from Thumbtack as well as a professional person from Thumbtack to walk me through the process of setting my account an help guide me through how it works as well as how i set up purchases of leads to get in front of tje customers tjat need my services and would be someone their to helpe with this aalong the way since i never did this before had no clue what i was doing.

So i trusted thos lady to be a Professional with Thumbtack and what I was told would happen an id be treated like a person who was not familiar with websites or how it all worked so i was 100% trusting that tthis would be how it would go

I paid for $300 package and once i paid for it qn was told someone would either contacte or i could request some help an someone would help me.

I purchased it Last Thursday and when i went to finish the Account and set it up i kept running into the issue of no one would help me an i was told that the Person who sold me my Package wasn't available to leave her a message and someone else would contact me .

No one did Thursday so Friday i called at 9:00 am an was told someone would contact me

No one did so at 12 thats 3 hour's later an again wasnt helped set up my account but was only told call back later and ask for her so didnt get helped an at 4 when i called no one answered so they were closed all weekend and come Monday i contact Thumbtack to get help an itturned into a person telling me how Thumbtack worked and how by paying them $300 that its basically for advertising and they dont promise to get me work an that they gete in front of customers an that all weekend i was paying anywhere from $8.00 for a lead to $55.00 for a direct lead that matches my work i do an that it was up to me to close the deal with them but i never new anything about thos because no one from Thumbtack ever helped me set up my Account so i didnt know whar was or wasnt happening an by this time my account had been hit for more than $200 for leads that i had no control over or new was there or existed so i was told someone would calle an helpe get it worked ourj.

Come Tuesday no one called me so Wednesday i called qn was pretty much told i was at fault an that the purchase were valid

Has anyone else experienced thos frpm Thumbtack an not been helped , out.

I trusted i was going to be in good hands an helped along this journey with Thumbtack and I thought i was

Building a business relationship but i was wrong.

I was lied to and then told i was the one who was at fault for not knowing what to do or how it worked so nothing was done and im out #300


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    @Extremepainting0827_ I'm so sorry to hear about this experience and I'm thankful you brought this to the Community. I have reached out to the team to see what happened here - as we never want any pros to feel like they have fallen through the cracks. Someone from the team that worked with you should be getting back to you soon.

    In the meantime I've attached a one-pager that goes over some tips for success when you are just starting out.

    Please let me know what other questions you might have. I'll also tag in our Community Leaders to see if they have any advice! @Filip_Matic @PomeranzLaw @perrysto @Danielle_Penn @Stat @CurlyBartender @BITBLeah @patrykkg

  • Wish i knew what happened here. I've been with thumbtack for a while now and haven't had any issues with customer service. I hope this can get resolved as soon as possible!

  • Well what went on was i simply was trying to find ways to drum up new work for my guys so i didnt have to lose anyone due to the virus making people scared to let people come inside there homes to work.

    So i reached out an called the Thumbtack company an spoke to a lady an i was reluctant to pay $300 for a package deal but it said on there website if i did someone would help me set up everything an get me started.

    So i bought the $300 leads package and then i called Thumbtack an she told me set up my basic company information and she'd help me through the process of setting my account up to get leads and in front of the right customers im looking for.

    Well she didn't call me back an i couldn't get anyone to help me Friday either so they closed all weekend an Monday i was told someone would contact me but no one did then Tuesday the people i spoke to talked to ne as if i should understand and know how everything works on Thumbtack an its not a big deak but im someone who does not use computers or have any kind of social media accounts on anything do im not very good with this kind of things but they didnt get this an by the time Thursday comes around all my $300 was gone and i had not got a single job or talked to any customers about work because i didnt know that there was a msg sent to a email about the customers wanting to speak with me about work projects an the text msg i received from Thumbtack when i tried to go to it all it said was i couldn't access the site so the direct leads i was getting and paying for i couldn't view or access to talk to customers because no one helped me.

    Finally Friday a nice lady called me and helped me with everything and is trying to get my money refunded back to my account because she took the time to listen and look at everything and see that i was telling her was true an did happen and should of never happen an could of all been avoided if someone would of followed through with the process of helping me set up my account qn explain so well see how it ends.

    Either i wasted $300 and will never recommend anyone to use this service or they do the right thing an o turn this bad experience onto a positive o e an i get se work fory guys an i see it really does work an spread the word

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    @Extremepainting0827_ I am so happy to hear someone called you today! Please keep us posted on how things go as you start using Thumbtack to drum up new work for your guys. And please don't hesitate to ask questions or ask for advice as you start using the platform. We are here to help. I was a business owner myself for many years before joining the team - 4 of those years I was a Top Pro on Thumbtack - so I understand the urgency to make sure things are working correctly for you.