2 ways to make sure you don’t get off track in the new year.

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The pandemic has offered everyone an opportunity to pause, reflect, and assess. As things continue to pick up on the business front, it’s easy to lose yourself in the busy-ness of things. Here are 2 ways to make sure you don’t get off track from your most precious personal priorities…

1. Set aside time to declare your personal priorities for the year. Divorce yourself of all other considerations and acknowledge what is most important to you in the coming year.

2. As you plan your business goals for the year, put each one up against your personal goals. If they don’t feed directly into your personal goals, think of creative ways they can, otherwise, determine if they are really worth pursuing or if you can delegate them to someone else.


  • Elle__38
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    Really good advice Perry! I'd like to add-on to Step 1. QB Aaron Rodgers along with other elite athletes like Naomi Osaka, took time off last year to work on themselves-- making self-care their #1 priority. 2022 is gonna be another impactful year. As an astrologer, I highly recommend checking out your natal chart and transits to understand self, first and foremost, and to help you chart your course and see what are the best times to 'hold 'em, roll 'em or to walk away 🤔. J.P. Morgan said, 'to be a billionaire, you NEED an astrologer', need I say more 😊.