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I find it interesting that Thumbtack gives sales and marketing advice. Has anyone tried getting Thumbtack Customer Support on the phone? If I treated customers the way Thumbtack does, I'd have gone out of business a long time ago. Speaking to someone at Thumbtack is impossible. When I finally surrendered and agreed to have at text conversation with one of their "specialists," my text reply to their introduction was never answered. So that's two strikes against their Customer Service protocol. I realize that someone of my age (73) might prefer talking rather than texting with a client, but shouldn't the client at least have the option of making that choice? Hearing someone's voice, its inflection and tone, is often a clue to what that person actually wants or needs. It's much easier to misconstrue a printed (texted) word than a word used in an actual verbal conversation, and that's when a minor misunderstanding can blow up a relationship...kind of what's happened with Thumbtack and me.


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    @ekrob I'm sorry about your frustration. We are experiencing delays in our support channels due to a high number of employees out with COVID. Is there anything that we can help you with specifically? Let us know here, shoot me a DM, or post a question for other pros!