Wording for Customers - Check Availability

Hello! I’ve brought this up many times over the last two+ years but will bring up again.

If we are paying for a direct lead that matches our profile, selected preferences AND our calendar, why is all the messaging to the client say “check availability”? When customer first see my profile page after I've been filtered by date, the message they see in a bold blue box is "check availability". This wording is misleading. And my clients have said so because I ask.

WE ARE AVAILABLE! That’s why we use a calendar. The wording goes against what we are trying to accomplish. We want the customers to know that by filtering WE ARE THE LIST OF PROS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR PROJECT.  Wording like "click here to contact Pro directly" or "interested in working with this Pro - click here" would be more accurate.

We are paying a fee - sometime very high - for direct match by filter. So please help the customers and Pros by using appropriate wording to contact us. I am paying Thumbtack to let customers know YES I AM AVAILABLE - up to $38 for a direct match . They should know that I am being shown to them because I am available and meet their filtered needs.

This is the customers view of profiles after they have filtered by date, project, etc.


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    I agree. This is silly.

  • I completely agree that's part of why customers customers select multiple pros at once Because they are just trying to see who is available.

  • Exactly! That’s what my customers have said to me. And that’s not right if we are paying a fee to specifically be directly matched based on our availability first - then all the other specifics. It’s common sense. Otherwise - why bother using a calendar. We pay a fee - even large fee than before - because we meet the customers specific needs - and if the first question is what is the date if your event (I’m an event service provider - always has a date) then why is the “check availability” being shown. Please Thumbtack - you know this is not fair.