Refunds aren’t being honored with thumbtack. When a customer doesn’t respond and when we pay for direct leads. We should be refunded or at least free leads to make up for our loses. This is all pros issue and it’s still not being resolved and handle.


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    I have brought this to their attention more times than I'd like to admit. There should be verbiage at the onset for the customer to know that we as Pros pay for leads so they know not to waste our time and money on a fishing expedition. Customers have no idea we are paying, so they don't feel it rude or inconvenient if they don't respond.

    Also, often, I am the first to respond, and the client chooses someone else who responded later before ever reaching out to me. I feel that the first responder should get a window to close the deal before others' responses show up.

    I could go on. Many things need to change.

  • I’ve requested several times for Thumbtack to stop using the “check availability “ blue button for customers that have searched by date for their project. This messaging will help in one way with the problem you list. I paid $50 for a lead - they reached out to five pros. The limit. Think of total profit for TT. This customer filtered me by date, budget, area, etc. so why are they getting a CHECK AVAILABILITY button when they are given a list of those that ARE available for their date requested. Customers feel they need to contact as many as they like to see who’s available. I’ve asked my customers how they read that. Why TT charges us for direct leads - the whole point of the higher price and value of a lead because of “targeting” - then why are they continuing to use words that contradict what we are paying for? We keep calendar updates for a reason. For customer to see “check availability” or for me to get the direct lead and it says “Sara is checking your availability” really doest sit well with me when the lead is $50. Then why are we using a calendar if TT is going to use the words “check availability”. Common sense and logical thinking needed here please. Customers not reading or responding to a $50 lead - and you get three a week - makes cost vs lead questionable.

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    Repeatedly having this issue as well.

    It's nearly impossible to contact customer support for Thumbtack. I've paid upwards of $100/week for scam "leads" who never reply.