Prices not being shown to potential clients

I set up my prices and the pricing page says prices are live, yet anywhere from 60-75% of my leads show this:

When I brought up this bug a year or so ago, I was told my prices are live and everything looked fine. If that's the case, why is this still happening?

My prices are above the low "average" rates for my industry in my area, so I get the feeling potential clients are not seeing my prices, contacting me, then balking at the true cost of service and going elsewhere, which means the money I'm paying for leads is being wasted.

Any other pros having this issue? It's making me reconsider using Thumbtack at all.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 428

    Hey Andrew, long time no see! This is what I see when I go into your account. Before I reach out to the support team, I wanted to make sure you have clicked in here and then clicked "update" in each of these sections? Let me know, and then I will know how to proceed. Thanks!