[HIGHLIGHT] New Group: Bienestar

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I don't know about you, but I have set out to practice a lot more self care in 2022 (something I think most of us could use more of). One of our new Community members, @Elle__38 started a new group, that focuses on overall wellness, Bienestar.

She shares her story here:

As an astrologer, I've known for many years that some sort of healing experience awaited me in México, but I did 'nada' as I lived in Africa working on sustainable development projects (practicing astrology as a side gig 🙌). And although I majored in Spanish, recent years found me using French, parlez-vous français?

Enter 2021. With Africa being out of reach and being at loose ends, I decided to travel to México along the vertical line presented in my astrocartography chart. Most everyone is somewhat familiar with astrology, primarily knowing their Sun sign/birth sign. Right? What sign are you is a common ice-breaker.  "I'm a Capricorn and you? Well, I'm a Libra. I think we may be compatible..."😍.

However, you may not know that astrology can also point out the best places, world-wide, for love, business, fun, etc. In my case it was for healing. Although I wasn't suffering from any physical malady, I did need a sort of soul refresh.  

The point of this story is that on the Bienestar network, I hope to share ways you can use astrology too and other Age of Aquarius modalities and well-ness hacks to help you Be Any Star 💫.  

You can join the group here, and see a list of other groups or start your own, here.