Billed for lead with fake phone number

Hello, all! Great to be part of this Top Pro community. I have been a top pro for several years and in spite of a few hiccups along the way have really found the platform to be a great way to connect with potential clients. I know that TT continues to try to get better and better; however, I'm wondering if anyone else finds it a bit "off" to say that we cannot get a refund when leads (for which we are paying $97) give us a bogus phone number. Just got one that was 222-222-2222. I did try it just in case but no surprise. It's not accurate. My understanding is that Thumbtack guarantees a phone number in exchange for having switched to a policy where we now get billed for every lead even if they never read our reply. Just curious if I'm the only one for whom this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Especially when I spend thousands monthly with TT, it seems like it would be better customer service to refund a lead that appears to be bogus. So I'm not spending any more time worrying about it but was just shocked to have my request denied. I thought that it is worth mentioning since they advertise that phone numbers are "guaranteed". Thanks, all!


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    @Meridith_Alexander1 Looking into this and I will send you a DM when I have more info. Thanks for posting!

  • Shout out to DustiQ for hopping on this! Thumbtack has reimbursed me for the lead with the fake phone number event though the person did apparently read my reply (and never responded again). Thanks guys for continuing to try to make this a great platform to support entrepreneurs like me.