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This is a very AUSPICIOUS celestial time. We've just had a New Moon in new age Aquarius (great for setting intentions, ideas, cooperation). We have the magical dates of 2/2/2022, 2/2022 (repeating #'s are always significant). And, most importantly VENUS (the brightest planet in the sky after the Sun & Moon) who brings in the energy of LOVE, the FEMININE, harmony, values, is in a powerful alignment with the planet Pluto who reigns over transformation, regeneration. Significantly, they are together in the natal chart for the US and won't be again in our lifetime.

In short, the question is being asked: Are we as a country living up to the high and noble ideals put forth by the original Founders? As all planets will be in Forward Motion thru May, now is a great time to use these positive forces to help us move in the directions where we want to go, personally and as a society. If all of this sounds confusing, I'm here to unpack it. Message me. Ask a question.