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☺️ Welcome everyone to this new Thumbtack-Community Platform! ☺️

For those of you who know me, Hello, and I miss all of your faces! I'm Danielle Penn, owner/founder of Danielle Penn Photography and Thumbtack Community Leader, representing the SoCal area for those who don't.

I'm so happy to welcome us all to a safe environment that Thumbtack has created for us to collaborate. I'm glad we can all come together to inspire and learn from each other. Let's try to keep it positive and no bashing. We should focus more on enlightening each other!

On that note... Wow! What a ride 2020 was. On the positive, Covid numbers are down, vaccines are vastly being distributed, and I can't wait for what the rest of this year brings us.

At this time, I would love to hear from all of you. It's been too long... what creative things have you been up to?


  • Nice to meet you! I'm looking forward to this community! What challenges have you overcome in 2020 regarding your business?

  • Allan
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    Photographer here too. To answer your question, business related, been able to still do photoshoots after a few months of the shut down, to now. Weddings have been incredibly more fun now due to the limitations of guests. Get paid the same but less stress and people to capture. This gives me more time for creative shots and really makes me feel like a guest at the wedding. Been doing some drive by portrait too. 2020 was a great time to regroup and rethink things. Expedited certain parts of my business and allowed it prove I could survive despite the obstacles.

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    Beautiful welcome Danielle. So glad to be in this community with you.

  • Hello everyone. I'm a local professional Wedding Officiant in Atlanta, and serving the entire state of Georgia.

    I would like to know, why Thumbtack does not offer one the client telephone number after we have paid for the lead. Emails is something from the past. People hardly read them anymore. Texting is what is mostly used today, and without a telephone number is impossible to follow up. any comments from anyone??? Thanks

    Victor J Alvarado

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    Thanks for joining the Community @weddofficiant . This video answers the question of why we don't require customer phone numbers. If you have any additional feedback regarding our product, please log into your Thumbtack account and go to the Contact Us page to work with the Thumbtack Support Team.
    The Community is a great place for you to connect with other pros to chat all things business, share meaningful resources, and more. Let us know if you have any questions!
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    Hello and Welcome @jmm31906 and @weddofficiant to the community! So nice we can all be here to collaborate.

    @jmm31906 to answer your question, when Covid was at the height of the summer in 2020. Many weddings scaled way down, rescheduled, or postponed. I took that time to rebuild my brand, hone in on some schooling, and work with my clients on reassuring their dream weddings are still possible, yet in a different way.

    @Allan I love how creative you were and how much you have proved to yourself you can endure through everything! Keep it up!

    @perrysto You are always such an inspiration.