February Pro Higlights

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“Organizing people’s homes helps us give back peace of mind, freedom and time to our customers. Thumbtack has helped so much in matching us with our ideal clients. Being awarded Platinum Pro Rewards status means our true purpose has been recognized.” — Tria Presher, owner of @Idealorganizers and Thumbtack Platinum pro

“I really love helping others with their agricultural problems on their properties. I started my tree business as a side job, but Thumbtack has helped me make it my full-time job by finding great clients that are in the areas I want to service.” — Brandon Brown, owner of @brownstreeservice336 and Thumbtack Silver pro

“My favorite thing about what I do is witnessing the development and growth of the athletes I get to work with. Thumbtack has helped me increase my client base without having to find them on my own — they find me! Receiving Gold Pro Rewards status on Thumbtack means that there is value in what I offer and it allows me to grow my client base faster with more recognition and credibility.” — @jpascoe1221, private trainer and Thumbtack Gold pro

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