Notification that another pro was marked hired, and or how many other pros received “targeted” leads


Hello, one of the issues I’ve had with Thumbtack for a while and nothing has ever changed that I have noticed, is that it is unknown/ unclear with opportunities, or direct leads especially, when another pro has been hired or how many others received that lead when “targeted”. It’ll say how many pros have contacted and or have responded. I suppose if it’s an “opportunity” it means nobody has been hired yet or I would not see it, so I do I assume if that opportunity goes away from my list that somebody has been hired? But with direct leads, I’m not sure how many other people have received those direct leads and if I knew, that I may or may not impact a decision to submit a bid since I have to pay more for it. I know there is no annual membership which I appreciate But I still have to keep track a little bit of how many bids I am putting out there and how many are coming to fruition over the course of the year to make sure it’s cost-effective. Anyway any feedback on this would be appreciated.