Lately getting smaller amount of leads


I build furniture and mount TV’s among many other things on Thumbtack. I used to get a large amount of leads every week and business was great. I maintain a 5.0 rating, top pro status, and keep my profile pretty updated.

Over the past month I’ve been getting lots of views on my profile but barely any leads. We used to get hired to mount 4 or more televisions a week and now I rarely get them at all.

Does anyone know if there’s just a large influx of new pros or if there is something that you recommend to help me stand out?


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,659

    @devin00825 Sorry for the slow response! I took a look at your profile and first of all - WOW to over 100 reviews and every single one is 5-stars - that is SERIOUSLY impressive! I'm not sure why exactly you are seeing less leads, but I do see a couple of things you could do to maybe stand out more to customers:

    1. Complete you FAQ section - this may help you stand out more!
    2. Check your preferences and make sure everything is still set up to the jobs you want - ie make sure your travel area, times you work, job types, etc are all up to date.
    3. Maybe add a couple more featured projects

    But honestly, everything looks really great and you are showing up at the top of the list, so it could just be a weird/seasonal downtick! Let's keep the conversation open, though and if this trend continues we can dig deeper, but I don't see anything strange. Hope this helps!

    PS I hired a Thumbtack pro to assemble the EXACT SAME dresser you have featured! Love it!