[CLOSED] April Contest: Spring Cleaning Tips

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Share your spring cleaning tips - these can be tips for anything from organizing your home to organizing your business!

And, if you're like me you like to put your feet up with a cold beverage when you're done organizing. What better way to do that than with an exclusive Thumbtack branded Yeti mug?!

Post your tips below and at the end of the month we'll pick one lucky winner to win a mug and some shades!


  • argarza
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    There have been several ways that I have been able to organize my business this year. In photography, there are many things one can do to organize their business and I found that there is some benefit to working on customer organization, photos, and storage.

    Customers are an asset that needs to be organized. When looking at how many people organize their customers you might think of a spreadsheet.  Although this may be an efficient way to organize, spreadsheets work best with numbers and when working with customers automation is key. I have seen a significant increase in customers ever since we switched to an automated system where customers can log in, schedule their appointments, and pay all in the same location. Customers may choose to check the status of their photos and download invoices estimates or receipts directly from their profiles. As a business owner, knowing where the money is going and statistical data on what types of jobs are making money are essential with this automation.

    Organizing photos has given me the ability to find and send photos efficiently. If you are a photographer, you may already know that organizing your photos is key to finding photos quickly. With photos taking up massive storage space, it is important to organize them and eliminate photos that are no longer viable or relevant. If your photos are organized, then there is less chance of accidentally deleting photos and deleting photos that are no longer required. This will free up hard drive space and give your folders a cleaner look.

    Storage for photography is continually increasing and it is not uncommon for photographers to have many hard drives to store a large number of high-resolution photos. In an era of high-capacity cards, and high-resolution photos photographers find themselves having to purchase hard drives more often. Keeping your photos in check and deleting photos that are no longer relevant is a practice that can free up space on hard drives and save you money.

    These three processes have given me the ability to organize all my customers and provide the best customer service through automation. Organizing photos and eliminating photos that are no longer needed has freed up space while saving me money on hard drives.

    Abel Garza


    Grey Bug Photography



  • Will
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    My mom always taught me, that the best way to clean is not to wait until there's a big mess, but to clean as you go. Sure it takes a little time after finishing jobs, but you save more time not looking for tools, ect later. Looks professional all the time. Client notice if you look unorganized.

  • TaxGenius
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    I always have a garage sale to get rid of old items that can turn into extra cash. This has been something that I have done for the past several years and I usually end up making a couple of hundred dollars. It also helps me to declutter and make room for new junk!

  • Every year I have a roll off dumpster delivered to my neighborhood, everyone gets to use it. In return everyone loads up my trailer with items worth donating. A lot of the items go to a halfway house/homeless shelter, and they use them to help the residents get back on their feet.

  • MichaelJ
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    The good 'ol 3 pile system: keep, donate, trash and then anything new in means something old out.

  • one spring cleaning tip I can is share I separate the favorite memorable items to the side from the items I either donate or give to family and friends the last few years I have done it and the rest of the year cleaning has been easier for my household.

  • LopezBros
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    The best way to organize is to have your drawers and closets organized accordingly. For instance pants one draw shirts another etc… also try and keep your blankets in bed drawers. Buy special containers for shoes as well. Keep things consolidated with other similar items so everything is easy to find which helps create beginner organization.


  • DustiO
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    I am seeeeriously loving all of these suggestions! Thanks to all for participating! Will announce this month's winner in a few days!

  • DustiO
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    So many great entires this month, thank you all! I wish I could send swag to all of you! But, our random selector picked @argarza ! Abel, if you want to DM me your best mailing address I will get this sent to you - and thank you for your very thoughtful contribution!