Are things happening out there? :)

I have been a member for several weeks & have a robust profile. I have not received a single lead yet, Is this normal? I am in the house washing / pressure washing industry. Are consumers just not using thumbtack in my area? My service area is large & includes Roanoke, VA & The entire Smith Mountain Lake area.... Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 461

    @SoftWashMJB I will take a look at your profile and see if I have any suggestions! I'll DM you!

  • Tamycan
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    You should be may depend on the earA. You will know when you do cause you get a lot of charges for leads.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 461

    @SoftWashMJB As you stated, your profile is GREAT. I had a team member dig deeper and it looks like there have just not been really any requests for your services in your area recently. It could be a seasonality thing - I know when owned my business I definitely saw influxes of leads during certain times. In the meantime you could try expanding your area (although your area looks big already) or expanding into similar categories (but again, that is just a suggestion, there may not be any other services you want to or are equipped to provide!). Hopefully you see things pick up soon!

  • SoftWashMJB
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    Thank you for your help! This is the busy season for my industry & I am getting on average 2-3 leads per day from "Home Advisor / Angie Leads". I would really like to use your platform & service instead of theirs.... but like I say, so far, no leads from Thumbtack.... Could you increase your advertising to my potential customers in my service area? - I spend roughly $6,000 a year with Home Advisor / Angie Leads but would much rather use your service... Do you want my business or not? 😊