Can I Post Reviews From Past Students/Clients?

I have dozens of stellar reviews/testimonials from past students/clients prior to using Thumbtack.

Is there a way that I may list them in the "Reviews" section of my profile?

This will most certainly be mutually beneficial. Thanks in advance for your help!


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 527

    @pr660 You can see how to get reviews from past clients here and how to update your prices here. Hope these help! (You should be able to find helpful step-by-step instructions for just about everything at

  • pr660
    pr660 Posts: 12

    Thanks, but I have dozens of reviews from clients outside of Thumbtack and Google. How do I post these on Thumbtack ?

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 527

    @pr660 in that same article that I linked above there are instructions on how to do that - there is a link you can send those past clients to leave you a review. However, be sure to note that only 10 reviews from outside Thumbtack will be displayed (the 10 most recent, I believe). Also, sorry I somehow missed this question until now!