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I have been sent an email from Thumbtack many times that says : "We noticed you haven't preloaded a balance" . . . . "PRELOAD A BALANCE TODAY". The incentive is that we get fewer charges to our credit cards and a cleaner accounting. Well most of us are not getting a lot of leads so . . . . I don't really see the advantage of this service. As it arrived again today I had to laugh. And comment.

I would like to recommend to TT that an incentive with a true value to us Pros would be fabulous. Because without an offer of something worth while, what's the point of sending emails to promote preloading a balance. Other companies offer something like pre-load $200 and get 20 credits free. Something like that. Otherwise, I don't really understand the point of an email suggesting we Preload a Balance just to get fewer charges.

Just saying . . . .


  • I agree. Nobody at TT has shown an actual benefit (except tp Thumbtack) of a preload

  • bgood2021
    bgood2021 Posts: 7

    TT provides no incentive at all to Preload. Maybe if they offered Reward points there would be interest? Like being able to buy Top-Pro. We are doing that anyway just at a slower rate.

  • TT is showing fewer reasons to do business with them at all. When you answer an "opportunity" for a person who is shopping us (which is their right) and TT decides it's now a "lead" and takes your money, they are creating reasons to cost money.

    That said, letting us buy Top-Pro status makes it meaningless. I've been a Top-Pro because I show up and do the job right, not because I paid some fee. I might quit TT because they take fees they didn't earn and don't refund them.

  • Just got another email pre-load incentive. Incentive is …. “Less billing of your leads”. I just don’t understand this and it’s rather … insulting should I say? I mean - it’s rather silly to keep sending this email out. How about pre-load $300 and get $50 in credit. I think Pros would be motivated by a financial incentive - just saying.