Issues with Refunds

I recently had 2 requests for refunds denied when my calendar was previously blocked. I have sent messages on the initial denial and have not received any response. As far as I can tell, the leads complied with policy for the credits. We should not have to pay for leads for customer requested service dates that we are not available for. If there was an issue with the requests, why would a specific reason not be given?


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    @MG_1021 I'm looking into this and will DM you!

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    I am going through the same thing and two Pro's who were amazing additions to Thumbtack just left because of the problems with the refunds and the new rewards system.

    I also had my calendar blocked through the end of the month. I had a request that included my blocked days, but they also said they were open to other dates. When I asked about the other dates, I was told that the date of their move had changed, and they only had the original 2 dates, which were blocked. The lead added that information in a message. I requested the refund and I was denied....twice!! Not only that, I had 2 others that had nearly the same criteria and I received a "courtesy" credit because they did not meet the criteria. They clearly met the criteria and between the rise in the cost of the leads and the fact that we need to spend so much time fighting for refunds, I can see why Pro's are leaving. It is just too much....😕 I probably ask for a refund once every six months. I just don't have the time go through this...

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    Hmmm...starting to think Thumbtack is not worth the time, money OR effort. I'm consistently seeing complaints identical to yours!!!

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    Update- this issue is resolved and I am very pleased with the way Thumbtack addressed the problem.

  • I agree with all of you. I told Thumbtack 4 times that I don't install products I just sell them then I got a lead saying they just want me to install and Thumbtack charges me $119.00 and says I'm not eligible for a refund. 100% I am eligible for a refund. I never sent a message to the lead.

    There were two other pros that did respond and Thumbtack charged them $119.00 apiece. So two of us got screwed. I am a small privately owned company and can not afford mistakes like this. They did this twice in three days.

    When you get your email saying (You're not eligible for a refund) they send it in a no-reply email so you cant email them back and tell them how stupid they are.

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    @Mrhouston I answered you on your other thread, but in short - you have every one of your services listed as "installation" services, so you will need to remove those if you do not wish to get leads for them. I sent you links on how to do that.

    I would also remind you to view our Community Code of Conduct where we talk about keeping it constructive and respectful and refrain from using derogatory language to talk about team members or fellow pros. If you wish to reach out to support you may do so by sending your emails to [email protected] if you have questions about any emails you do receive (it's pretty common for emails like those you referenced to come from a no-reply address, but support is always reachable via the support address).

    @HOLCS_2021 As for the "opportunities" you screenshot above - those are just that, opportunities, those are jobs that may be in similar categories to those that you offer and Thumbtack sends them in case you are interested, but you are not charged for those unless you choose to reach out to the customer and the respond. If the screenshot is in reference to your background check, you will need to reach out to support for that one, as I am unable to help there.

    Thank you.