May Contest: Preparing for Summer

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Is anyone else totally weirded out that it's already May?! It's got me thinking about Summer plans - like camping, hiking, and road trips!

But, as business owners Summer can bring challenges. Some of you are heading into your busiest season, while others are heading into slower times.

Whichever group you fall into, how do you prep for the Summer months?

Drop your advice in the comments for a chance to win this Thumbtack swag (who doesn't need a yeti cup to keep their Summer beverages cold?!)


  • Capprice
    Capprice Posts: 1

    Summer months are some of our busiest so we prep by adding a few part timers to our payroll and getting them trained. When they aren’t out on a cleaning job we have them hanging door hangers in the neighborhoods we clean.

  • MichaelJ
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    Sunscreen and bug repellent added to the camera bag or backpack.

  • As a balloon twister, I keep my balloons on ice in a little cooler during hot summer days to reduce popping...

  • Pat2106_
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    You never know when you’re going to have to navigate a stone path or slippery conditions to perform a ceremony, make sure and carry a pair of sneakers!

  • I prepare for summer by allowing myself days to relax! This prevents me from burning out and still loving the work that I do. I can't serve my clients in the best way if I don't take days to take care of myself!

  • Drphlgd69
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    Wedding season is in FULL SWING, and its bananas for me right now.... thankfully. So I been telling clients since late last yr to start booking at least 6 months ahead and I'm glad they listened lol

    ...cause business is great! Thanks Thumbtack!