Basic Safety Tips for Women and Men


1.       Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Don’t zone, pay attention

2.       Tell someone where you are going and when and share return times.

3.       Get Off Your Phone

4.       Keep emergency number programmed in your cell

5.       Don’t Leave Your Purse Unattended

6.       Lock doors behind you once you enter – Car and Home

7.       Speak up – If confronted speak with confidence

8.       Park in open and well lite areas. If parking and the day time consider what the same location will look like at night.

9.       Never park near vans or trucks

10.   Trust your instincts and if they are poor. Use common sense

11.   Weapons and/or tools – Carry a gun may not be an option. So you carry a knife or a simple tool.  Small flashlight, I good one small easy to carry thing is a Monkey Fist (find on ebay) can be used as a key chain. Old style hat pins are also great.

12.   Keep keys in hand when going to the car, business, or home.

13.   Change your routine from time to time. i.e. lunch, travel to work and home, parking location etc. 

14.   If you drive always try to have more than half a tank of gas.

15.   Keep an external charger with you and check it from time to time.

16.   Dress in comfortable clothes and always have an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you.

17.   In the winter have the following in your car. 1. small shovel, 2. flashlight, jumper cables, flairs, tow rope, extra headlight bulbs, blanket, hand warmers, and batteries

18.   In the summer have in car 1. small shovel, 2. flashlight, jumper cables, flairs, tow rope, extra headlight bulbs, bottles of water

19.   Take a basic self-defense class if you can take a few. If you just learn one thing that keeps you out of harm’s way it was more than worth it.

** Remember if you do not fit the script you wouldn’t be casted for someone else’s plot.

Much success and good health!

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  • ycc
    ycc Posts: 11
    This is such good information, and a nice refresher to those who may be familiar with some of the items -- anyone of any age / gender / race / capability /etc. can become a victim. Thank you!