Great at What @ I do!... When did you find out, you had the magic touch

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Talk to me people!!! My name is Jamye from Atlanta and I love organizing!. I have been doing it successfully for over a year full time! I love it and it loves me!

So When did you find out, you have the magic touch!!! Your hands create, design, and guide your clients to a better organized life!!!


  • DustiO
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    Love this, @SweetLemon1990_, welcome ! We have some amazing home organizers in the Community! @busyb @BITBLeah @Swebbinteriors and many more!

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    Thanks for tagging me @DustiO ! I am always happy to connect with other organizers. @SweetLemon1990_ let me know if you want to schedule a time to chat. I am a big fan of Thumbtack and truly wouldn't have been able to catapult my business without them. You can send me an email at [email protected] to coordinate a mutually convenient time to do a Zoom call.