Google or Outlook Calendar Sync

so on Thursday i got a notification from the app telling me that FINALLY there was a Google Calendar Sync option! I got excited, clicked on it, only to have nothing happen....just an error message

So i called Thumbtack thinking that maybe it was something on my end that was wrong, went through all the troubleshooting ideas, only to be told that the Tech team will get on it. Then they responded the next day with telling me to turn my instant book option off., then back on. Still the same result, and no option to add my Google or Outlook Calendar

Syncing my everyday calendar that is a widget on my phone with Thumbtacks calendar can be extremely helpful, since ive been asking for this for months now

If anyone has had this issue, please guide me with a solution

I have a Galaxy zFold 3, with the most updated version of the app, and have tried through the app, and the desktop version


  • DustiO
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    Hi @kdiddy01 thanks for posting! Since this was just midday Friday, I would give her some time to get back to you. In the meantime I will also check and see if there has been any progress. Thanks!

  • kdiddy01
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    i figured that, but this post is more to help others on here who may have the same problem, see and understand they arent alone, and with youre response it helps them also know that youre on top of things

    thanks for the response...means alot!

  • DustiO
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    @kdiddy01 Was this ever resolved?